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Auto body sheetAUTO BODY SHEET

Production Capability

A domestic leading and world class thin plate production line for automotive industry.

Alnan cold rolling plant has been put into operation in 2014. Designed to provide solutions for automotive body sheet (ABS) and aircrafts lightening. Our hot rolling plant is able to provide qualified plate for cold rolling. Equipping with the state-of-the-art 2800mm 6-High cold rolling mill, air-cushion furnace Line, annealing furnaces, aging oven, recoiling machine , tension leveler , cut-to-length lines , slitting machines. Our cold rolling plant is completely qualified to manufacture aviation plates and ABS


Our cold rolling plant possesses integrated and professional processes for designation, experiment, online quality testing and packing.

Main Products

Cold rolled coil, plate and claddings in series from 2xxx to 7xxx.

Product Dimensions

Thickness: 0.2-3.5mm

Width: 600-2600mm

Coil size: 1200-2560mm

Sleeve diameter: 610-665mm

Max. Coil weight: 31T

*The product standards specified by customers.

General Applications

Inner sheet and outer sheet for automotives (5182, 5754,6016, 6111, 6062, 6014)