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The density ratio between aluminium and steel is 1:3, and therefore the weight of die can be reduced by 1/2 by using aluminum instead of steel. By using steel-aluminium composite die, the cost of die can be reduced at least 15% as compared to steel die. In addition, the production duration of aluminium die is much shorter than that of steel die, and the processing cost of aluminium die is 35% lower than that of steel die. Therefore, the advantages of aluminium die are obvious.

Aluminum mold machining cost 35% less than steel, aluminum mold fully available to the following process: repair welding (repair and rectify welding), surface hardening treatment (anode oxidation, chemical plating and nickel plating, etc.) of the steel milling time 5 ~ 10 times longer than aluminum mold, drilling time 4 times 5 times, edm time long, long polishing time 3 ~ 4 times, cutting tool life is 4 times longer than cutting die.

With aluminum and steel composite die can greatly shorten the processing time, saving the cost of processing.


Classic alloy type: 2024、5052、5754、5056、6061、7075


Product character: high strength, excellent machining performance