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Electronics and Electrical Elements ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ELEMENTS


Using Miandi distribution of a new type of aluminum alloy products, we can help and electronic manufacturing enterprises occupy a favorable competitive position throughout the world, and can help them to meet the world within the scope of the different demand for electronic products, Maindi can help to make electronic manufacturers to achieve product lighter, thinner, more durable. Aluminum alloy has good machinability and electrical conductivity, is an excellent heat dissipation material, myanmar di can according to customer requirements to provide all kinds of extrusion profiles, suitable for high power substation equipment clean, regulated power supply, communication power supply, power supply, inverter power supply, radio and television transmitters and other large power supply products, also used in automatic control instrument and other power electronic products field.


Use aluminum radiator element, can meet the requirements of electronic product design indicators, and improve the service life of the power devices. Aluminium alloy plate are also used in the manufacture of various electronic panels, electrical cabinet put oneself in another's body.


Classic alloy: 2024、5052、5754、5056、6061、7075


Product character: high strength, excellent machining performance, good heat radiation.