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Aluminium alloy plate is an important structural materials, aviation spacecraft is mainly used in the fuselage skin, wing and fin skin, body frame, fuel tank structure, etc.


Through the application of aluminum alloy composites, aerospace aircraft shell materials can reduce the density of 5% to 7%, the material stiffness increased by 7%, reduce 10% of the weight, in order to improve fuel efficiency, at the same time because of the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloy materials and good fatigue resistance and resistance to damage tolerance, extend the inspection interval of time, reduces maintenance cost of the spacecraft by. Improve the comfort: the product conforms to all kinds of craft benchmark, humidity and pressure under the same pressure, can let the plane have larger Windows.


Compared to the lower cost of capital: aluminum alloy steel has a certain price advantage.


Classic alloy:2024, 7075, 7475, 7050, 7150, etc.


Product characters: high strength, high ductility, high damage tolerance.